Casual #ootd FT. UPTOWNIE 101

Do you have a hard time finding an outfit that’s comfortably casual yet totally stylish? I have just the inspiration you need. Bookmark this website  name as UPTOWNIE 101  because they definitely know a thing or two about a fashionably laid back look.  It is an Indian fashion and lifestyle e-commerce company.. It includes apparel, footwear, handbags and other accessories. Also if you are student they have an amazing extra 10% discount for you isn’t that’s great !! and if you register first time you will get 300 INR off  . I am telling you this website is everything that you ask for .

I have created three looks from the product of this website from casual to party  . Scroll down and checkout IMG_20170730_171741_267





Tee : UPTOWNIE 101

Denim : DIY

BOOTS : Street Style Store


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Fringe Affair πŸ’ƒ

Hey family 😘

I hope you all are doing fantastic !! 

As  you know fringes are hot in trend , so I am back with refreshing fashion shower , the dress I picked up to style shows my carefree nature and my way to enjoy the weekend like pro , when I thought of styling Street style , black fringed dress was one and only option that clicked in my mind , I paired it with a denim jacket over it to give it a rough look , I tied it over the waist , the best Hairstyle to go with it was the heatless curls  and my black sneakers was completing my care free look , so let’s see how I have played with the dress to make look different and sassy at the time , scroll down and enjoy the look πŸ˜›

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