Malibu C launch In India

​ I got the invitation for the launch of Malibu C in Neu Salonz, India. Malibu C treatment is revolutionary life changing, a sensational hair-care treatment which helps to overcome with every hair-related issues. Malibu C is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and a complete natural tonic treatment for hair. All Malibu C wellness hair care collection made in Malibu C’s Wellness Labs in the United States.Helps prevent dryness caused by softened water: replenishes moisture to hair. Prevents oxidative damage caused by chlorine, chloramines or bromine in water. Helps prevent discoloration caused by minerals, iron, copper 

So, this was a pampering session for me & time to sit back and relax as I was getting the Malibu C treatment with Olaplex treatment from the best professionals at Neu Salonz at South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurugram to make my hair stronger, shinier, and healthier.

Malibu C treatment helps in improving the hair texture with its freshly-activated and antioxidant vitamin complex.

Olaplex treatment allows rebuilding the damageddisulphide bonds in your hair that are broken because of pollution, dust, sun or by the chemical process.


Roots and herbs ❤ a gift to yourself

While searching for some natural skincare products I came to know about Roots & Herbs . It is a all natural brand which is well known to produce chemical free, Paraben free, SLS free products. Also they are not tested on animals. These days paraben free products are raving world wide and they are worth the hype.

I tried out few of the products from Roots & Herbs and I am very much happy to share the results with you. I tried out each of these products for about 15 days and can see visible difference.

Face Urban & Activator

Face Ubtan  mixed with Mulethi Acne Clarifying Activator is worth trying for all skin types for skin lightening and anti-aging benefits. I absolutely loved the composition of this product; it is packed with ten potent natural herbs that can help in rejuvenating your skin. 

Will it work? It helps in rejuvenating your skin by lightening, exfoliating, moisturising, skin repairing and anti-aging effects. It has following active ingredients:

  • Sandalwood and sandal wood oil helps in lightening skin.
  • Saffron is known skin lightening ingredient.
  • Turmeric has skin-lightening, anti-septic and anti-ageing benefit
  • Lemon helps by skin-lightening and exfoliation.
  • Rose has hydrating, soothing and anti-ageing properties
  • Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and have anti-ageing benefits.
  • Orange oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

For which skin type? It can be used as scrub both on body and face in all skin types. You can mix it with rose water in oily skin and with milk in dry skin.

Is it safe? Yes, absolutely safe and 100% natural.

Is it good for sensitive skin? It has three essential oils that might or might not irritate your skin because sensitivity patterns can vary from individual to individual. So, you can try it after doing a patch test. I have personal experience of using essential oils in sensitive skin types without outbreaks.

TIP: Make sure you clean the bathroom/sink thoroughly with hot water after using this to avoid clogging of drains.


For hundreds of years, people have been using herbs to nourish the scalp and promote the growth of strong, healthy hair.  The list of herbs traditionally used for this purpose is extensive
I have been suffering from dry/ frizzy hair from years together. What all have I not tried but every time same problem with my hair. We all know that as we need food so our hairs ,and thus is very good for hair. It promotes hair growth and keeps them soft and manageable. When I was looking for almond oil I found this, and instantly picked it up.

I usually apply it overnight and wash my hairs in the morning.

Overall I am supper happy with this product, due to frequent usage over a period of 15 days it has made my hair soft, less frizzy and more manageable and also promoted hair growth *happydance*

So if you are thinking then I”ll be totally recommending . Do buy from here  and give you skin  some pampering❤

Have a happy skin❤

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​Hey family 💗

How’s your vacation going on ? I hope we all planning for Christmas 🌲🎇🌌 
Slouchy, oversized sweaters have become one of my wardrobe staples for fall + winter.  There’s nothing more comfortable than throwing on one of these perfectly cozy pieces and there’s so many ways to make them look chic and pulled together.  The best way to find these pieces already perfectly worn-in and on a budget? Buy them vintage!  We try to always have a good selection of chunky knits and slouchy sweaters,   I love layering them over flannels or chambray shirts, but they can also stand alone as a signature piece you will wear year after year.  Most opt for a fitted silhouette on the bottom to balance out the look (think skinny jeans, leather pants, or leggings), but don’t be afraid to play with different proportions 

Now get back to the blog ,this time I have wore this pastel pink colour shiny slouchy sweater , with hat and my every time favourite boots !!! 

Make up : I have applied CC cream of lakme beige for perfect base , on lips: chambor nude pink  lip shade 413 , and I avoided eye make up !! For this look

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2nd look : Christmas is a time for glamour and decadence , For a Christmas day look , how about slouchy sweater , I just drape black shimmer texture top over it and to add up fun wore those pink shades and good to go 😝

Hope you guys have a happy winters and thanks a lot for reading 💗  I really appreciate that 🙈🙈💗💗

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