Retro look with a Modern Touch🎆

Hey family😘

Hope you all are rocking!!

In today’s post am being feminist  !! I am wearing a bralette inside my bomber jacket without even zipping it  and if you are going to judge me for doing it !! Please go and help yourself , don’t waste your time click on the cross button of the tab . I think it’s important because positive vibes please !!

This is a last minute outfit and I wore something like this after really long and never done something like this , so I think I need to share with you people because you are the best audience 😘 , I like putting together a lot of elements  In this post you will find elements of punk , Bohemian and feminine all in one !!

 I am wearing a grey bralette with a black and nude colour bomber jacket , teamed well with joggers ! Completing outfit with a glasses and white boots  , I was ready to hit the streets . This whole look giving me retro vibes ✔ !!

Scroll down and enjoy the look 

PICTURE COURTESY : Abhishek Dhiman , amazing photographer do checkout out his work over Instagram

Keep showering your love  support and you can also follow me on instagram  by user name thatclassygirl_  for the latest updates on my blog and OOTD’s.

 Will be back soon, until then XOXO😘



Author: ThatClassyGirl

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2 thoughts on “Retro look with a Modern Touch🎆”

  1. your words are very heart touching nd i ll say abt your pic is

    some clicks need not to be either compliment or commented, the person in the click becomes a compliment 💕


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