Brunch Time @The Joint Cafe

The Joint Cafe is a small little place serving giant burgers. It’s one of its kind in delhi ncr.

The moment I entered  The music, the ambience , posters on wall are not  like those in the cafes of the states. Great food, welcome ambience. Best known for burgers which are huge in size and proportions.

The joint Cafe is just above Cafe Coffee Day in Galleria in Gurgaon.

 They are rated number one for their burgers and they did not disappoint.
But I already heard about the burgers so this time  I  tried Prawns tempura  ! Prawns are  enough in quantity and is cooked to perfection with just the right condiments. Secondly ordered the  Garden Salad , like perfect for those who is fitness freak and want a good taste as well !! Now Talk about shakes , Chocolate Oreo shake : Again a classic shake with great consistency and rich in chocolate flavour  , And second was Choco chip shake  The blend of chocolate along with the Choco chips Made an amazingly delicious shake !!

The service was swift and though the place being costly yet the quality and quantity they provide are amazing . 

This is it for today !!

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Stay classy



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