Baby ! It’s cold outside

I find winters in Gurgaon  ( Delhi NCR) so mild and enjoyable. It really feels like an extended fall. There are lots of tropical trees that remain green all through the winter and some even blossom in December and January. I find that so bizarre!!

Still, some are complaining about the weather and every time they do, I just tell them , they need to be sent to Shimla with a one way ticket, then they will never ever complain about the winters haha! 

This winter lookbook is a reflection of my style during mild  winters. Some days are warmer and some are cooler, hence I dress accordingly. Scroll down for all outfit details.

What’s the winter like where you are? Do let me know in comments section below

Sweater : knitted 

Skirt : street shop

Boots : Clark’s

Jewellery : Medoso Jewellery

Pictures courtesy : Sanchit Sachdeva , amazing and talented photographer do checkout his work over Facebook and Instagram

This is it for today and I love you guys all 🙈💖💗

Loads of love and power to you !! Hope 2017 will come with joy & happiness in your life !!

Stay Classy 



Author: ThatClassyGirl

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