Pampering Session Ft. My Glamm

Hey peeps 💖

What’s your new year plans ? I just wish whoever reading this !! Have a wonderful 2017 !! More power and love to you my favourite💖

Who doesn’t love pampering , and that too at your comfort zone 🙈 !! Yes am talking absolutely correct recently My Glamm launched in Gurgaon oops !! Gurugram ( My city) 👼 and they provide every  Salon facility at Your home , Isn’t that crazy ?? Yeah Right ..  but I like taking my salon service at the salon itself, I mean there’s a Change of scene , you get to sink into their plush chairs , they pay for the A.C. etc etc  but team My Glamm change my thoughts !! Because of their services and good hospitality.

I opted for  a Morrocon Hair spa not for me but for my mum !! So checkout the whole review down below


once the PR person finally confirmed, I got a call from My Glamm confirming my appointment , my address and time . The lady one the phone also asked if I was comfortable with a male stylist which I said I was , Getting an unknown guy  coming home may be awkward for a lot of people but I am sure you can ask for a female stylist turned up exactly on time and called me to say he was here . I Also received an SMS confirming all details

As above !! There is a small clip of procedure !! You can see

Here are the Results

MyGlamm on its own delivered on its promise and the service was excellent. However, the initial fiasco caused me to deduct a few AAhs. Overall, the entire services, the professional and his service redeemed the brand and wonderfully at that. I would recommend this brand to anyone. However, the charges are a little higher than going to salon.

Salon: MyGlamm

Service availed: Moroccan Oil Hair Ritual Spa

Get in touch:

Brands used: Moroccan Oil products

This is it for today’s post I”ll be back soon with new year party look 

Till then 

STAY Classy👼

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