Fall chaos 🌌 Ft .  The Souled store 

Hey family 💗

So winter is around the corner !! And   yes  this time my look is for early winters !!   Winter calls for The trend of getting more mileage out of  seasonal pieces by recognising them in different creative ways !! And if you want to maintain a minimalist look well try this strategy !!.😅
There is no piece of clothing is more comfortable then a loose T and  I drape T from The souled Store  !  Combined it with a  Denim Shirt inside it !! And paired it up with black stocking which is giving bold appearance to the whole look !!   Lastly that Bag,  are basic need  of ours to carry all the essentials of day to day life  , this tote bag is also from The souled Store which is clearly explaining that lets not  judge each other and mind our own personal life !! Let’s just live without any grudges , hate and envy feeling   so 

Carpe diem !!

To round-off   my outfit I am wearing those high ankle boots !! 
Now have a glance ✔


Hope you guys are ready to rock November with my tips on styling your looks. Do let me know in the comments below. 

PC-  Abhishek Yadav   Do check his work on instagram to have a look at his amazing photography skills.

See you soon,  take care !! 



Author: ThatClassyGirl

Engineer by Degree , blogger by passion if you have any queries mail me at thatclassygirl6@gmail.com

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