Hey family😘

I am back with a blog post , this time something exciting and interesting as well , I know many of us want to style and dress up like the celebrities , So here I have something for those Classy ladies , BOLLYWOO

BOLLYWOO is a brand and a market place that allows fans, movie enthusiasts and fashion forward youth to “feel like a star” by making apparels, accessories and locations used or worn in the films available for purchase.

The brand also brings a novel shopping experience that allows consumer to quite literally “Stop The Screen” to “Shop The Screen.” In other words, the brand provides the physical experience of watching a movie and shopping through the motion picture. Don’t believe , try it for yourself!

Now get back to the post let’s see what I have shop from them , I had chosen a blue and beige dress which is worn by none other than  PRIYANKA CHOPRA in DIL DHADAKNE DO!! 

Being a lady is not easy, you have to be your best all the time with the best of the clothes on. I am the kind of person who does not like to repeat clothes until it becomes a necessity, so are most of the girls. That’s why I have created three looks ,I am sure you guys will like it. Let me take you to the looks that I have created

Look1: In the first look,  I made this kindaa BOHO Look , The best part of this attire is my  pom pom earings because I took these  out and attach them   which  dress which matched perfectly to the attire  I paired up the attire with my beige  colour sandals to complete the look

Look 2: I love how a pair of dress can be so versatile if you put your right imagination to create different styles out of it. So another look is STREET STYLE BASED , In which I have tied the denim jacket over the wiast and paired white sneakers with the attire to enhance the look and DIY choker , which are hot in trend and tied up all the hair in a messy bun 🐒

Look 3: Me being me could not resist doing a pretty and girly look and therefore ended up styling my dress for simple and cute look for a date or hangout with someone special , just by pairing this dress with  black heels 

Picture Credits  AKASH DUTT .  For more You can check his work on instagram at 50 milimeter , I adore his work and once you will check out , you will agree with me !!

I hope you guys admire the looks as much as I do. Keep showering your love and you can also follow me on instagram  by user name thatclassygirl_  for the latest updates on my blog and OOTD’s.

 Will be back soon, until then XOXO😘



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