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I am back with one more  skin care post, As you guys know colleges are open after vacation , And being a girl , we always have to dress up and look properly , it’s just my kinda thought and am not talking about everyone  ,

For many years it’s been a known problem that women  have had a tough time beauty shopping.  it’s so difficult to find suitable beauty without having to travel the world and back and searching online for hours.Not
Only is it a challenge to find suitable beauty products, it’s even more of a challenge to find the best beauty products. And when they are found, there seems to be a lack of any real…well…luxury. For those type of Women  , this is perfect destination where you can discover and experience the best in beauty 

GLOBOX Is An Online Subscription Service For Expert Selected Beauty Products. Take The Hassle Out Of Choosing Between Brands And Beauty Products. With A GLOBOX Subscription, You’ll Receive The Best Skin Care, Hair Care And Makeup Products That Are Carefully Selected By  Beauty Experts To Suit Your Beauty Profile Delivered To Your Door Each Month.And You Never Know, You Could Discover Some New Beauty Essentials! A GLOBOX Also Makes An Easy And Thoughtful Gift For Any Beauty Lover. You Can Now Breathe Easy When You Buy Cosmetics

Now let’s talk about Glo Box , So I received a GLO BOX for  my college routine , and I personally love it  

let’s sneak peek


PACKAGING :   I like the packaging. Simple but still looks pretty on my desk.BRANDS: Amway , Aryanveda , Maybelline , Oriflame , LYN

DEO and SPF cream are of Amway brand name as Attitude , as you know these are the very basic things which we usually carry , and these are very essential as well and it works perfectly for me


 FACE WASH : and and this is something which girls want as per according to their skin , and actually we expect more From face wash , and glow box send according to my skin , it’s good for oily skin , advance UV protection with gold dust and it prevents skin blemishes 

LYN Nail paint : Even if your hands are busy this Nail paint stay at least for one week , and I personally expect that and I love the grey color 😍

For skin , there is one more thing That is blotting paper from ORIFLAME  which soak all the oil from your skin  

MAYBELLINE LIP GLOSS SPF 15  need of  every girl , I don’t think I have to give description because everyone know about that

If You guys are having any queries related to skin care you should definitely buy this subscription ..

Till then STAY CLASSY  👸  XOXO😘😘😘

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